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Donation Drive for Standing Rock! Now - Dec 2

Blue Dragon Apothecary is gathering herbal and monetary donations for Standing Rock Water Protectors through Friday, December 2nd. 

Two of our in-house healers are going to Standing Rock on December 3rd with three large suitcases to take on their flight. Monetary donations will be used to cover the cost of herbs, honey, and glycerin.  For more ways to contribute to efforts at Standing Rock, visit


Standing Rock Herbal Donation Fund


We need your help to send the following supplies: Dried herbs or glycerites are listed in order of need: corydalis, osha, ghost pipe, pedicularis, skullcap, cinnamon chips, wild cherry bark (herbal cough syrups), wood betony (stachys), wild yam, gravel root/joe pye, blue vervain, milky oat (from fresh), agrimony, black birch, shatavari, elder flower, elder berry, linden flower, licorice, lemon verbena, skullcap, eyebright, glycerine and honey. 

UPCOMING EVENT: The Fundraiser party & Raffle

We’d like to thank donors and create additional space to contribute on Friday, December 2nd. From 6pm-8pm, we’ll be serving up our newest tea, immune and mood boosting Holiday Helper, and a vegetarian winter wellness stew with local wildcrafted reishi and burdock. 

Raffle Valued at $100 to benefit Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund!

On December 2nd, from 10am-8pm, we are hosting a raffle for a free herbal consultation with Jade Alicandro Mace and a $40 gift certificate applicable to any Blue Dragon Apothecary retail products; tickets are $1 each. All raffle proceeds will go directly to the Sacred Stone Legal Defense Fund.

Winter Class Series

Registration is Open!

Class meets 1 sunday/month, January-March 2017
January 15th
Feb 12th
March 12th

This 3 class series will cover all the elements of Kitchen Medicine- demystifying herbalism and bringing it back into the home.  Topics covered include medicinal uses of the culinary herbs, food & herbal energetics, harmonizing with the seasons, food as medicine, herbal "deep immune" tonics, remineralizing, medicine-making, and more!

Herbal Consultations:

Jade Alicandro Mace, Community Herbalist - Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays & By Appt

Mary Friedman Ryan, MSC, PHD, DIP. CHM - Tuesdays

Bulk Herbs, Custom Blends, & Small Batch herbal products

Naturopathic Medicine:

Dr. Nitya Eisenheim - Wednesdays

Store Hours:

Retail Hours: Tue, Wed, Fri 10-6pm; Thur 3-7pm, Sat 10-4pm You may purchase bulk herbs, teas, tinctures, beauty products and more!  We do mail order as well.


Handmade specially by in house Naturopath, featuring 10 essences to help you be powerful, release emotions, sleep better, have better relationships and transform old patterns that are no longer serving you.