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Blue Dragon Apothecary and Clinic is part of a growing grass-roots health care movement in the United States that wants to re-establish the use of organic, locally-grown herbal medicines to treat chronic and acute illnesses.

Drawing from ancient Asian healing practices and the Western scientific understandings of physiology and biochemistry, we develop personalized holistic healing plans for our patients. Treatment includes patient-specific advice regarding diet, types of exercise, therapeutic emotional therapies and custom-formulated herbal remedies based on in-depth intake evaluations.

Our goal is to build successful bridges between biomedicine and alternative medicine in the Pioneer Valley. The staff at Blue Dragon Apothecary and Clinic is trained in basic biomedical terminology and drug-herb interaction. We have an on-staff RN available for consultation on complex illnesses. We are comfortable with communicating to doctors and health care providers from conventional medical backgrounds. We seek to create a health care community in the Pioneer Valley based on community-care and the proper professional interaction between disparate health care backgrounds.

Health is the proper relationship between the microcosm, which is man, and the macrocosm, which is the Universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship.
— — Dr. Yeshe Donden