Wellness Services Offered

Online scheduling

Herbal Consultations

Friday Community Herbal Clinic with Jade
           Initial Consultation

Consultations by appointment with Jade
           Initial Consultation

Consultations with Mary




$35 - 65


prices do not include herbs

Naturopathic Medicine

Consultations with Dr. Nitya Eisenheim          
           Initial Consultation



Massage & Bodywork

(45 min)
(60 min)
(90 min)

(60-75 min)





Craniosacral and Visceral Manipulation w/ Natya

(30 min)
(45 min)
(60 min)



$45 - 75

Cancelation policy:

While we understand that you may need to cancel or reschedule appointments, even up to the last moment - we require a 24 hour cancelation in order to avoid a fee. Our cancelation fee structure is as follows: 1st time occurrence, $35 fee; 2nd occurrence full price of the session.*


*Individual practitioners at Blue Dragon reserve the right to set higher or different standards for their cancelation policies. See their "more info" page for details.