Harmonics Gardens Program


What is an Herbal Healing Garden?

Our gardens are an interactive meditation on herbal healing and design, engaging with color, smell, touch, and taste. We build gardens that expand herbal education and access in venues that attract people at diverse levels of knowledge and experience. Our productive healing gardens are a resource for students of herbalism, low-cost clinics, and practitioners.  Our sites include agricultural and community spaces, commercial properties, and the home. 

Partnerships and collaborators in Massachusetts: Blue Dragon Apothecary in Greenfield, Milk & Honey Herbs and Plant Nursery in Shutesbury, Funny Farm in Whately, Bear Root Farm in Easthampton, Gardening the Community in Springfield, and Park Hill Orchard in Easthampton!

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We are looking for committed, inventive, hard-working, and enthusiastic individuals with interests in organic farming, herbal medicine, and community empowerment. Interns must be solution-oriented team builders who possess passion and capacities to focus troubleshoot, and pursue projects with initiative. Our community of herbalists is growing, our community of students is diverse.

This internship can be a lot of physical work, but work that is rewarding and challenging. Our approach to herbalism and herb cultivation is interactive and experimental. We seek balance between production and design because herbalism is a creative and personal avenue to healing and empowerment. 

If you are interested in applying for an internship position for Fall 2015 please contact us at HarmonicsGardens@gmail.com or (413) 315-0615.


Welcoming Interns for Spring and Summer 2016! 

The Harmonics Gardens Project is dedicated to community based agriculture, herbal medicine, and education

The Harmonics Gardens Project is about experimentation and collaboration, as well as self and community empowerment. Interns will work with gardeners and herbalists to design and implement educational and productive herbal healing gardens. Interns will use their harvest to make medicine at Blue Dragon Apothecary. 

Harmonics Gardens Work Sites

  • Blue Dragon Apothecary (medicine making)

  • Park Hill Orchard (1/4 mile herbal meditation labyrinth)

  • Funny Farm (1/4 acre intensive mini-farm)


The Harmonics Gardens Project celebrates the intersection of agriculture, holistic health, and landscape design. Interns will be involved in the research and implementation of long-term and short-term projects, with opportunities to break out into areas of expertise/work groups.

Major projects include:

  • Sheet mulching
  • Building Soil
  • Vertical gardens
  • Seedling transplant
  • Rainwater collection systems
  • Harvesting and processing herbal medicine          
  • Seed saving and storing
  • Medicine making

work and learn Trade

Herbal Medicine: Students will learn to identify and care for the plants, as well as to harvest, process and make medicines. Medicine making includes harvesting, drying, extracting, and preserving. Preserving includes drying and tincturing.  We do a lot of infusing with honey, alcohol, glycerine, and oil. We learn to create digestive bitters, cordials, aromatherapy and massage oil infusions. Students are responsible to research, teach and reflect back to the group during meetings. Interns make products at Blue Dragon Apothecary and often take home medicine to begin building a home apothecary. 

Learning with the Seasons:  As the seasons change, we will study changes in the medicinal plants and when to harvest roots, leaves, and flowers. We will consider the benefits of living with the seasons and how seasonal changes affect not only the earth and plants, but our own bodies and health as well. 


  • Spring 2016: April-June (bed building, planting and mulching, greenhouse work, medicine making, and apothecary event planning)

  • Summer 2016: June-August  (cultivation of native, and eastern and western herbs, drying herbs, medicine making, and apothecary event planning)

  • Fall 2016: September-November (cultivation of native, and eastern and western herbs - many roots, wildcrafting, medicine making, and apothecary event planning)