Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim


Dr. Nitya Jessica Eisenheim, at Cedar Rose Naturopathic is a trained and Vermont state licensed naturopathic doctor, who is passionate about herbal medicine, cooking, healthy food and community building. She will work with you to address chronic pain and digestive issues, as well as general and preventative health, and detoxification plans by using lifestyle and dietary counseling, along with herbal medicine, homeopathy, visceral manipulation and craniosacral therapy to come up with a unique treatment plan for patients. She also teaches seasonal herb classes and facilitates dietary support groups, as she believes in the power of healing within a community.   

Dr. Eisenheim graduated from Bastyr University in 2015 as a naturopathic doctor. Her vision for her naturopathic practice is to work with teens and families in a community clinic with a focus on education, the healing power of nature, prevention and wellness. “It is important to help others to simply remember the healing power of nature as the innate intelligence of our bodies to heal and restore balance and harmony.”

Craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation:

Craniosacral therapy and visceral manipulation are both powerful and gentle forms of bodywork that can complement any other type of healing modality or medicine. Craniosacral is especially useful for chronic pain, nervous system issues and sleep issues by working with the nervous system, the fascia, the joints and the bones. Visceral manipulation is particularly helpful with digestive issues and working on the endocrine and reproductive systems by mobilizing the organs. Often, these modalities are combined to achieve the best results. Dr. Eisenheim also uses these modalities for assessment and deciding the best course of action for treatment.

Naturopathic Consultations:

Fluent in conventional medicine and standards of medical care, the strength of naturopathic medicine and the naturopathic philosophy of thinking outside the box and treating the whole person, offers safe and natural strategies to treat the cause of illness. Dr. Eisenheim uses functional lab analyses to asses for hormone status (all genders), adrenal gland insufficiency, candida and parasites, heavy metals, gastrointestinal issues and diseases like SIBO( small intestinal bacterial overgrowth).

Dr. Nitya Eisenheim can be reached to schedule an appointment:

Thursdays 10am-6pm, last visit at 5:30pm

Cost: Sliding scale for consults; choose an amount you are comfortable with and add $20. We can always be more generous than we think we can. This allows for folks with less resources to access these services. You can pay with check, cash or credit card. 

First consult $175-250  

Follow up consults: $65-100

Duration: First consult is typically 90 minutes, and involves a full review of your medical history, lab work, diet, medications, supplements and getting to know who YOU are, and what your concerns are. Follow ups are typically 30-45 minutes.


Bodywork sessions are 30-60 minutes long. First session is typically 60 minutes. Cost is $100 for 60 minutes, $75 for 45 minutes and $50 for 30 minutes.