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Herbal Consultations w/ Mary Friedman Ryan

Herbal Consultations w/ Mary Friedman Ryan


Efficacy research has shown that the root of the hydrangea plant, used for centuries in Chinese medicine, reduces autoimmune disease pathology (Science 2009). Mary Friedman Ryan specializes in the use of Chinese herbal medicine to address autoimmune disease holistically, with no side effects. She mentors with Michael Tierra, OMD, Lic Ac, in California, who for over thirty years has practiced herbal medicine and has brought many autoimmune patients to health.


Mary Friedman Ryan served on the World Health Organization task force for Asian Medicine and Psychiatry, researching the efficacy of Chinese and Tibetan herbal medicine for the treatment of various psychiatric disorders. Mental health care treatment at Blue Dragon focuses on teaching clients to maintain the health of their body through the use of herbs, to practice mindfulness meditation and to learn valuable lifestyle management skills.


Mary Friedman Ryan apprenticed with the personal physician to the Dalai Lama during her PhD at Oxford University and was struck by the efficacy of Asian medicine for cancer care. She now brings to the Valley an alternative way to manage the diagnosis. Treatment focuses on the use of herbs to treat the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, dietary advice and comforting the fears associated with a cancer diagnosis. Patients are empowered in self-care and family members are educated in management of side effects and pain.


We can develop specialized care plans for patients transitioning to the end-of-life. Treatments can help to allay fears, foster peace and mindfulness, and can aid in managing pain. Mary Friedman Ryan has volunteered for hospice care throughout her career and has developed a way to train family members in care for the dying from the perspective of Tibetan Buddhist medicine. During her time in Tibet, she learned methods of herbal care for the dying and also Tibetan Buddhist meditative practices that help to ease pain and anxiety as end-of-life approaches.

In addition, she trained in the use of essential oils to ease anxiety and bring peace to anxious loved ones facing the loss of their own lives. Palliative treatment can bring inspiration and joy during the passage of a loved one to the other side.

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