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Blue Dragon Apothecary is a full-service herbal dispensary and clinic specializing in custom formulated herbal prescriptions. We offer professional herbal consultations by appointment and walk-ins.

The staff at Blue Dragon Apothecary offer a wide range of services from acupuncture and massage to herbalism, yoga and spiritual counseling. Herbal and wellness treatment includes patient-specific advice regarding diet, types of exercise, therapeutic emotional therapies and custom-formulated herbal remedies based on in-depth intake evaluations. 

Our goal is to build successful bridges between biomedicine and alternative medicine in the Pioneer Valley. Our herbalists are comfortable communicating to doctors and health care providers from conventional medical backgrounds.

Health is the proper relationship between the microcosm, which is man, and the macrocosm, which is the Universe. Disease is a disruption of this relationship.
— Dr. Yeshe Donden

To Create a Model for Sustainable and affordable Medicine

During her time working in the Himalayas of Northern India, founder Mary Friedman Ryan saw firsthand the environmental (as well as the economic and cultural) damage caused by the encroaching pharmaceutical industry.

We provide the highest quality herbs and tinctures available. Our selection includes hundreds of organic and ethically wild crafted herbs.

We believe that healing the relationship between humans and their environment is an integral part of healing.

Our remedies are non-toxic and take into consideration the carbon footprint of our healing.

To Foster Patient Education

Blue Dragon Apothecary is a teaching clinic that aims to have patients that never need to come back.

Throughout the year we offer courses with the goal that individuals feel confident in taking charge of health and healing. Ideally each person will develop a small apothecary at home, to treat themselves and their loved ones in common remedies.

To Promote Healthy Lifestyles

At Blue Dragon Apothecary, we've learned that the key to health is lifestyle. Lifestyle is a choice and we have the power to control our thoughts and actions.

We help our clients to take their health into their own hands, through right diet, exercise, thought and attitude.

Treatment involves understanding one's constitution, what foods suit it, and how to build an everyday life experience that encourages health.