Carrie Desmarais has been studying plants and their healing affinities since 1992 where she took her first formal herbal medicine class at UMASS Amherst.  She graduated from UMASS in 1995 with a BS in Natural Resources, Botany and Ecology and a Minor in Wildlife Fisheries Management.  Embracing her love of plants as medicine she entered the 1 year apprenticeship program at Blazing Star Herbal School in 2000.  There she had the unique opportunity to learn from some of the finest herbalists in the world.  She went on to receive certification in Advanced Clinical Herbalism at Clear Path School of Herbal Medicine with Chris Marano in 2003.  Carrie received certification in Advanced Western Herbal Diagonistics from Matthew Wood in 2004.  She is a certified aromatherapist having attended the Eclectic Institute of Aromatherapy in 2001 with Linda Patterson and has also completed a certificate course on the Fundamentals of Homeopathy I, II and III  with Damon Fazio at the Institute of Holistic Health Careers in 2011.   

Carrie’s goal as a plant medicine worker is to facilitate your well being by gently supporting your body, mind, spirit and heart on its journey back to balance.  The plants are our allies and when we are open to change and transformation, as a willing participant in the evolving process of health, great transformations can occur.  Carrie evaluates your current state through the use of diagnostic modalities such as tongue and pulse.    These modalities are also used to assess how your body is responding to the remedy/ies chosen.  Remedies could include single herb tea or tincture, herbal blends tea or tincture, flower essences, homeopathic remedies and/or  an aromatherapy Pure Essential Blend.