Deep Tissue Massage: a workshop series



This a course in clinical deep tissue massage open to licensed massage therapists or those similarly qualified practitioners.

Subjects will include:

A thorough review of the anatomy of the region with a focused on the myofascial system and common pain patterns and common pathologies.

Deep tissue protocols for addressing the region.


·         Head and Neck

·         Shoulder and Upper Back

·         Low Back & Hip

·         Hip & Thigh


Participants will leave with new skills, knowledge, confidence and a smile on their face! Certification upon completion of out of class work.


Discounts provided for those who bring a massage table. Must be approved at sign-up.

Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, CPMT

Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, CPMT

About the presenter:
Stephen has been rubbing people and walking on back since childhood. Stephen has been practicing bodywork in a more official capacity since 1999 and teaching since 2001. Stephen’s teaching style is in depth, fun and funny!

Specialty Interests:

  • Kids Massage and Learning Differences
  • Human Energetic System
  • Fascia
  • Myofascial Pain Referral Patterns