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With Stephen C. Alicandro Mace, LMT, CPMT

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Massage therapy reduces pain, increases range of motion, and improves circulation. It can reduce inflammation and uplift your spirits! For thousands of years energetics (energy work) has been an integral part of massage therapy. Acupressure points and other key areas can be effectively addressed during a massage session further elevating mood and treating underlying patterns which lead to imbalance.

A session with Stephen is a blissful experience. The client can chose to remain clothed to experience more of an energy healing with light pressure contacts, or acupressure style of massage with deeper but still comfortable pressure or disrobe for more of a spa style massage with long gliding strokes.

Stephen works with people of all ages. He has experience with baby and child massage, pregnancy and postpartum support, and massage for physical and learning differences. He works with people suffering from chronic pain such as chronic fatigue and rheumatoid arthritis.

You will work together with Stephen to set a treatment goal such as reduction in pain, correction in posture, balancing emotions and energy in your body. This will help you to choose the best style of bodywork and treatment plan for you.

  • Pain Management

  • Relaxation

  • Infants & Kids Massage

  • Pregnancy & Post Postpartum Massage

  • Sporting Events, Prep & Recovery

  • Accident and Injury Correction

  • Energy balancing

Excellent with:

  • Chronic back pain

  • ADHD and Learning Differences

  • Headaches

  • Shoulder and hip pain

  • TMJ(D)

What is energy balancing?

This type of bodywork can range quite a bit from light touch (and sometimes working off the body) to pressure point work - energy balancing is a broad spectrum of techniques. The experience is deeply relaxing and nurturing. Stephen works with clients who have experienced emotional trauma, clients with anxiety and sleep disorders, people who experience high levels of stress, children and adults with learning disabilities, and the like.

  • Emotional Trauma

  • Sleep disorders

  • ADHD and Learning Differences

  • Anxiety and stress

  • Depression and emotional fatigue

Somatic Energy Reintegration(TM)

This is a series of 7 bodywork session designed to create life transforming change effecting chronic pain, posture, emotional patterns, and more! Based on the theory that the human energy system resides in the body's connective tissue (fascia), this work addresses physical restrictions as well as energetic patterns. Each session builds off of the last taking the client through a series of transformative bodywork sessions.

*Somatic Energy Reintegration session combines deep myofascial work with light energy healing and involves creative visualization and breathing exercises. Clients are expected to commit to a series of 7 sessions over a period of 6 - 10 months as each session builds off of the last. Afterwords some clients may choose do focus on certain patterns or go through the series a second time for deeper healing.

Somatic Energy Reintegration Sessions are all currently $125 and run for about an hour and a half.

Prices as of July 1st, 2018

Clinical Deep Tissue / First Session
Session includes assessment, massage, and treatment plan

Clinical Deep Tissue / Full Session (60 min)
Best option for two pain areas

Clinical Deep Tissue / Extended Session (90 min)
Best option for those people who have so much going on!




Integrative Energy Healing / First Session
Session includes assessment, treatment, and treatment plan

Integrative Energy Healing / Followups



Somatic Energy Reintigration
This is a series of sessions, each session should be received within a few weeks of the last. Each session is $125 is length and last aproxomatly 1hr - 1.5 hrs.



Some frequent questions answered.

Do I have to pick between energy work and massage?

No. Some people prefer to keep them separate. Sometimes you "just want a massage" other times you may want to blend an energy healing with a massage. The truth is it is sometimes hard to separate them. Any time someone has their hands on another in a caring and mindful way, energies are exchanged. If a knowledgeable practitioner is doing the work, healing can occur on all levels.

Do I need to take my cloths off?

No. Some massage techniques require the use of lotion or oil to be preformed correctly. For those strokes it would be difficult if not impossible to be done over clothing. That being said there are so many different techniques and modalities of bodywork that do not require disrobing that massage & bodywork can be done effectively with clothes on!

Some clients prefer to disrobe fully. Other clients like to leave everything on. Most people dress down to their undies. Typically, clients will be covered by a sheet and blanket and only the area being worked is exposed.

Does it have to hurt?

No. Clinical massage is more area specific and "deeper" than the type of massage one receives "just to relax." That being said, massage should not be painful. Some work requires the client to be "on the edge of comfort" or to work with "tender areas." This should always be within the control of the client. The client informs the massage therapist when it feels like they are on the point and wither it is too much pressure or just right. The option to switch from a clinical massage to something more relaxing (or vice versa) is always available.